eSOlarPlanet EcoZONE Protocol

is the platform for a 21st Century community of “Global EcoZONE Citizens” that crowd-source solar power, waste-to-energy, clean water and related infrastructure to protect endangered species and their habitat. We believe that the intertwined crises of “poaching” and habitat destruction expose the socio-economic crisis of “At Risk Populations” (ARP) who also inhabit precious ecosystems. The world has an urgent interest in empowering ARP to align their cultures with the protection of ecosystems and all the human and animal creatures within. We believe that this eSOlarPlanet EcoZONE Protocol is the first comprehensive program that achieves that purpose. The time is short. The need for action is immediate.




The infinite scalability of photovoltaic technology opens unprecedented opportunities to employ solar energy as a high value currency in solving certain urgent problems. Foremost among these are the global crisis of eco-system destruction, deforestation, the slaughter and dismemberment of precious wildlife, also called “poaching.” There is a strong consensus among people of conscience throughout the Earth that all of humanity has a vital interest in:

  • Immediate Cessation of Green House Gas Emissions,

  • Protection & Restoration of Tropical Rain-forests & All Fragile Habitat,

  • Welfare of Elephants, Lions, Bats, Gorillas, Thousands of Oceanic and Other Species and Their Ecosystems Everywhere.

We believe that restoration of natural Habitat and protection of Endangered Species begins with the infusion of socio-economic well-being into At Risk Populations (ARP). At Risk Populations are directly positioned to impact their own ecosystems for better or worse in the interconnected global challenges of Climate Change, Habitat and Species Protection.

The eSOlarPlanet EcoZONE Protocol (eProtocol) outlined herein presents an immediate opportunity for people of conscience worldwide to empower At Risk Populations by directly joining them in restoring Habitat and protecting Endangered Species not as outside remote donors, but rather as virtual Global EcoZone Citizens of their extended communities.

Our eProtocol is the first platform for empowering vulnerable Human populations to lead the transformation to economically and environmentally sustainable regions.  The eProtocol aligns with the highest international standards for achieving sustainable Human development as a direct component of protecting Endangered Species, while also eliminating Green House Gas (GHG) emissions as established at the Paris COP 21 (21st Conference of the Parties re Climate Change).

The eProtocol is a living partnership of vital mutual interest between:

  • EcoZONE Member Communities & Regions
  • Global Crowd-sourcing community ~ Global EcoZONE Citizens
  • NGOs whose professional mission and expertise is the protection of habitat and/or endangered species;
  • Whatever political and policing authorities have proven reliability in protecting habitat, human and animal inhabitants within the particular EcoZONE Region;
  • Earth-Solar Technologies Corporation + its technology collaborators;

Every Crowd-source underwriter becomes a Global EcoZONE Citizen through the crowd-sourcing platform that is being determined. Global EcoZONE Citizen contributions will make them a virtual citizen of all the EcoZONE Member villages, towns and cities.



We believe that our approach to sustainable regional development offers an immediate opportunity for people of conscience worldwide to directly join At Risk Populations in protecting natural Habitat and Endangered Species.

eSOlarTech-tm Global Renewable Energy & Endangered Species Research Tool EcoZONE Protocol Africa

Ms. Elizabeth Mibey, President
EcoZONE Protocol
Nairobi, Kenya
CONTACT: 317.926.7000

Republic of Botswana
Mr. Allan Marshall, President
Earth-Solar Botswana Operations
647.818.9913 (Canada)
Gaborone, Botswana
Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
Mr. Dobode Zagbo, President
Earth-Solar Cote d’Ivoire Operations
Orlando, FL USA 
Mr. Jules Gnayaro, Regional Partner
Earth-Solar Cote d’Ivoire Operations
Cote d’Ivoire

Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Phillip Nkongola, President
Earth-Solar Central Africa Operations
Indianapolis, IN USA
Bishop Dieudonne Mbaya Tshiakany 
 Kasai-Oriental Province, DRC
Rev. Berthe Nzeba
Secretaire Generale
Departement Femme et Famillie
Eglise du Christ au Congo
Kinshasa, DRC
Republic of Kenya
Mr. Aggrey Asava 
President Kenya-East Africa Operations
Indianapolis, IN USA
Republic of Liberia
Mr. Richard Nimmo, President
Solution Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia
Dr. Levi Zangai, President Emeritus
Grand Bassa College
Washington, D.C.
Republic of Malawi
Mr. Bill Strowder, President
Earth-Solar Malawi Operations
Lilongwe, Malawi
Republic of Zambia
Mr. Patrick Makina, President
Earth-Solar Zambia Operations
011.260.963 256969
Lusaka, Zambia
 EcoZONE Protocol Americas

Jaribu Bostic, President
Belize Operations 

Republic of Belize

Jaribu Bostic, President
Belize Operations 
Linda Matthews, President
Millennium Energy, LLC 
Cincinnati, OH
Jonathan January, President
Greater Midwest Operations
Greencastle, IN 
Ken Dulckeit, Management Associate
USA Operations
Indianapolis, IN 46202






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