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THE UNPARALLELED URGENCY TO ACT: We at Earth-Solar are part of the global consensus that at this moment of Human history, we are confronted with extreme urgency to act. This is the most important and decisive era in the Environmental Age. It’s now or never as various key species have already been forced to extinction; others are on the brink and dark forces are against their survival. This is also a moment of singular opportunity. Fundamentally important Habitats for both Human and animals at risk must be fully defended, protected and restored, or will be irrevocably lost. It is also clear that the extinction of scores of flora and fauna poses incalculable health threats to Humanity at large.

With exponential advances in the scientific disciplines of climate, environmental biology, zoology and, most importantly, the moral progress of Homo Sapiens in the 21st Century, we are all called upon to equally embrace vital habitat, species and vulnerable humans. Since the ascendance of Homo Sapiens exploitive views of habitat, animal species and even Human populations have relegated the most vulnerable to the status of nothing more than economic resources.  Many sub-cultures in the world today are stuck in a medieval mindset in which Animals are valued more dead and dismembered, than alive, as magical ingredients for sexual potency and religious rituals, or as sport trophies to be hung on a wall. The notorious 2015 killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by a wealthy American dentist exposed a rare, brutal and unfiltered view into the depravity of persons at the top who exploit the economic desperation and misery of those at the bottom. These atrocities cause a firestorm of outrage and shock people of conscience to a degree that would not have happened only a few decades ago. The enduring hope for Homo Sapiens’ continuance on this Earth is that various Human sectors are indeed expanding our understanding that moral obligation extends to non-Human sentient beings and indeed to nurturing the foundational ecosystems on which we all vitally depend.

Yet, locals in Zimbabwe and other locations of Endangered Species are also understandably frustrated. They share the world’s concern about Cecil, his Big Cat Community, and all other species in the region. But they wonder about the world’s concern for the suffering and destitution of Humans inhabiting the same land? How can the indigenous locals be expected to protect the animals the world loves, when their very own survival is threatened by abject poverty? Earth Solar is proposing that we can only save animals if we save Human life in tandem. We developed the EcoZONE Protocol (eProtocol) to provide a way to do just that.

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